Getting Traffic To Your Small Business Website

“Build it and they will come”; when it comes to the internet, this couldn’t be further from the truth. One of the most important things when it comes to online business is getting traffic to your website.A business that isn’t making money isn’t a business. Regardless of how pretty your website is or how much you spent on getting your logo “just right” that won’t mean a thing if people aren’t coming to your website because if people aren’t coming to your website then your website isn’t making any money.So, what can you do to start getting traffic and potential customers to your website?Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)Perhaps the most popular and perhaps the most oversold and potentially overrated; SEO is the process of optimising your website for the search engine so as to show up in the search results for chosen keyword phrases. This is definitely an excellent way of driving targeted traffic to a website. However in a lot of big industry markets SEO is an expensive game in which your success is usually dictated by the size of your wallet, which is almost guaranteed to be smaller than the big companies. On top of that you are most likely going to need to enlist the help of an expert SEO company to help you get set up. SEO is definitely not dead, just more expensive. Especially for the UK is a website that provides a range of support services for small business ownersAdvertisingAdvertising is a very broad term that covers a lot of different styles and techniques, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. The trouble is that advertising can have a steep, not to mention expensive learning curve. Some advertising can be very non-targeted which means that you could be wasting precious budget and you don’t always know what results you’re going to get until you put some cash on the table and carry out some tests. This can be expensive if you are looking into different forms of advertising, whether online or offline. Again for the inexperienced looking to hire someone to help them with advertising a bigger budget usually denotes better results.Affiliate MarketingAffiliate marketing is an excellent way to generate a lot of results for your small business website. This is an excellent way to get profitable returns on your investment and usually at a fraction of the cost of the other two options above, mainly because you are only paying for results; you only pay commission for the sales or subscribers that your affiliates send through to you (You set the rules!). Affiliate marketing usually involves working with other businesses, websites, advertisers and bloggers who promote your website, service or product.The learning curve is much shorter and there is plenty of free information available on the internet about how to become an affiliate (and a wealthy affiliate at that!) that you shouldn’t need to hire a company or consultant to help you setup your affiliation network which can be controlled easily with simple software. This is the perfect way to expand your sales force and employ an army of promoters to drive traffic and sales to your business.

Local Business Advertising – Small Businesses and Online Advertising

Many businesses, both large and small, spend abundance on advertising on newspapers and other local business advertising. Even more money is spent when it comes to advertising on a popular channel on TV. Yet, many businesses aren’t aware or simply ignore the fact that the internet is a very powerful marketing tool with many benefits and little costs.The main benefit of online advertising is its price. Typically, the form of online advertising that is most often used is pay-per-click. This is where a company pays a certain amount of money whenever an ad is clicked on. Doing large advertising campaigns may become a little pricey, but it is often nothing when compared to the amount paid for television advertising. The price of online advertising is brought lower every day, which means less money spent by businesses trying to market their products and services.Online advertising can be easily targeted to ensure better results. You can make it where a different advertisement will be shown to potential customers on a gardening site than on a gaming site. Advertisements that are more relevant to a person are more likely to entice. This means more people clicking on your advertisements, and more people purchasing your products and services, or at least being aware of them.Most offline advertising is limited to only local business advertising. Or, the advertising may only show during specific times. Yet, online advertising is shown to potential customers and clients every day at every time of day. It doesn’t matter if these potential customers live in the USA or if they live in China. Because of this, you will find that more people are being exposed to your products. You will also receive a wider variety of customers or clients with different personalities and interests.For small businesses that don’t have much money to invest in advertising, they can easily use email marketing to garner more customers or clients. Email marketing is where companies send useful emails that both inform the reader and entice the reader into purchasing their products or services. Companies may need to hire someone to write emails that encourage converts, but other than that, there are no other major costs.

Marketing Advice For Small Business

Small businesses owners are struggling to establish themselves online and in most cases offline, which presents a problem.  If your business is not strategically placed in front of hungry buyers who needs the services that your business can provide. Who are searching for your type of business so you can understand what needs to be done to connect business to customer. Most small businesses do not have a website presence, even if they have a website it does not attract more business for them. The main thing is to help their prospective customers find them on the internet.It is essential to change your business inline with new technology because it is there you will find like minded people looking for the service you provide.  It is also important to have a website for your business nowadays., because of the competitive nature of the economy having a website for your business is no longer a choice.  But more a tool you must have in order to succeed in your business. Being active online will help you to reach new and potential customers and also generate substantial profit.The most important reason to have a website is your competitors are already on the internet so you know who they are so you can keep track of your competition, you developing new trends, ideas and strategies in order to stay one step ahead of your rivals. If your competitors have a website your advised to follow suit and optimise your site to as many search engines as possible so you are present at all time.SEO, Google displays sites it believes are authoritative and relevant. They measure relevance by analysing page content, they measure authority based on the number and quality of other pages linking to the pages they show, back links are like a vote.OFFLINE MARKETING is a great means of advertising if you are publishing not on the internet news paper, sign boards, business cards, flyers, advertising on hoardings are all called offline marketing.VIDEO MARKETING is the art of presenting a video that talks about what your business has to offer, YouTube is one of the best places to place your video there are some crazy stats over 800 million unique visitors each month.PAY PER CLICK MARKETING, Google are the heavy weights with PPC marketing, advertiser wants a PPC ad targeted for the phrase ‘cheese’.  They can get prominent placement for their PPC ad with a very low bid and a low per-click charge. However, for a phrase such as ‘online marketing, an advertiser can expect heavy competition for prominent placement and expect to pay premium per-click rates. It all comes down to supply and demand for the keywords and phrases that the advertiser wishes to target. A small web company can with a limited budget outbid much larger companies with enormous advertising budgets and gain the edge they need to get noticed in their market.SOCIAL MEDIA, Twitter. Facebook. Pinterest. These are all examples of social media, these are a type of online media that encourages conversation as opposed to traditional media, social media has shot to the forefront of people’s attention because it’s fun. Thanks to social media, it’s easy to share your ideas, photos, videos, likes and dislikes, with the world at large – and find out what they think of them. You can find friends, business contacts and become part of a community or a bunch of different communities. Social media gives you what TV never could, a chance to be engaged and engage others.The biggest mistakes people make when trying to get more visitors to their site is they only focus on the really popular sources in their market you have to realise that when you do this you really set yourself up for failure. The reason is because you only see the traffic stats and numbers that other people want you to see.  So you might be trying to build your business on data that is not totally true.You don’t have to be on the cutting edge to get visitors to your site. You need to use sources that have proven themselves for a long time. You need to make sure you look through your competitor’s links to see what they are doing so you can build your business to rank above your competitors.  Focus on digging through the search engines to see if you can find other sources that you might have not tried yet. Then setup a budget and see if you can get more visitors to your site from those sources.