May 20, 2024

Web advertising is a good way to generate the revenue for your website. We can earn money from website by selling advertising space; we can also cover up hosting charges by selling the space. But sometimes excessive advertisement affect your website ranking, it does not mean effect in search engines, but in the mind of visitors as well. Excessive advertising cause your website to load up slowly, everyone likes to have more and more advertisements on there blogs or websites. If you ask me it generates earning opportunity and it helps you to pay off utility bills. Sometimes pop-up advertisements on websites are annoying to the viewer that is why there are so many pop up blockers available. Always avoid the pop-up advertisements on your website it decrease the credibility. Choosing a proper space for advertisement is important for you and the advertiser who is sponsoring your website. Always fix an area for advertisements, sell space to the sidebars, headers, footers or main body. Avoid using flash advertisements and video advertisement; they will slow down your website.Using the ad space properly gives you more income and also your viewers give credibility to the website. Avoid using the ads which come in front of your page, these ads annoying as pop up advertisements. Peel over advertisements is much more attractive, these kinds of ads get more hits. Try to use peel over ads on your web pages, but sometimes if you are on slow host these ads can slow down your website. The best size for image advertisements is 125×125 these ads are small and attractive. Most of the blogs provides 125×125 ad space on there pages, these ads does not affect the speed of your website. You can also use 468×60 banner advertisement on your website header; these are considered best. This kind of banner advertisements does not slow down the website speed, but excess of everything is harmful.Another kind of advertisement is useful is in-line advertisement, which are placed in the text of your website. But these ads are annoying to the visitors due to the slow loading of ads from the ad provider. I have seen many in-line advertisements which sometimes start loading it is really annoying. The best way to optimize your website is to divide the ad space on each page; it does not affect your website. The use of proper advertisements will help your visitors and also advertisers as well.