Small Business Internet Marketing – Is Traditional Advertising A Money Pit?

Is it still worth it to use traditional advertising if you are a small business?Back in the good old days, traditional advertising in the form of magazines newspapers television and radio when direct mail or basically the only ways that most small businesses had of connecting with their Customers.However due to the nature of the medium, it was very difficult for business owner to pinpoint our target customers that she needed to.For example, a small bakery owner wants to branch out into creating high-end wedding cakes.Her problem is that only a select number of people at any given time of the year will be interested in buying wedding cakes. And an even smaller number of people will be attracted to her line of custom wedding cakes.While she can create print ads in select niche magazines that cater to weddings and brides, her ad would be competing with hundreds of other bakeries. Not to mention that specialty magazine ads carry a premium price.On the other hand she can advertise in a local newspaper for lower price but her advertising dollars are still wasted since many subscribers to the paper are outside her wedding cake market.She can even create low cost TV spots. You know the ones I mean. These are the television channels that appear between your local public access channels and C-Span.Mass media has always worked best for mass brand names. All large company like Sears or Wal-Mart can effectively advertise using a variety of traditional marketing channels such as television, radio, etc.But for the small business community, those of us who are retailers, service professionals, nonprofit organizations, churches and entrepreneurs the wide net that mass-media casts has largely been ineffective.Think about this for second, how many radio spots or TV commercials end up playing to empty rooms, people asleep, babies or the family pet? That is just money that is simply tossed away!This is why it’s so critical that small business owners and others get the most out of their Internet marketing. Internet marketing levels the playing field between the big business and individual business owner.Online big companies can have just as poorly designed, badly written, and useless websites as the next person! A small time operator with a great looking site and a better online marketing plan can beat out larger companies over time.Plus a small business person with a decent lead capture system can easily communicate with clients, develop long term relationships and build a million-dollar reputation using personal branding.For the small business person, continuing to use expensive and ineffectual traditional marketing methods may indeed be throwing your money away into a money pit.